the history

The Robinson Family Cookbook was put together by Adam’s aunts for a Robinson Family Reunion. It includes recipes that their mother made while they were growing up as well as recipes from their own kitchen.

One of my favorite things about the cookbook is that it includes different childhood memories throughout the pages. Some of the stories are funny, some very heart-warming and all of them help us get to know our family better. [I will share some of these throughout my posts. Just so you can get a taste as well. :)]

Another thing the cookbook includes is all the different family mottos for the year. Adam’s grandparents decided that each year their family should have a motto and a goal for the new year.

Such as: “Do It More In ‘84”

Clever huh?

Before Adam’s Grandma Robinson passed away I had the opportunity to meet her and spend time with her. She was a wonderful woman with such love and kindness for everyone she met. {You only had to meet her once to know that she loved you for who you are.}

Not many people can do that I don’t think.

For me, as just being an implant into the family, this cookbook in a way has made me so much more grateful for where Adam has come from. It is amazing to me how great these people are and that I can be honored to be a part of their family.

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