the vision

I've always wanted to be a really good cook. I love food. I love watching food be made. I love pretending I have my own cooking show and am teaching home viewers to be just like me.

I like to believe I'm already great. I'll put dashes of that here and pinches of this there just to see if it does anything. And to make me feel like I really know something.

I told my husband one day how I'm ready to try new things with my cooking. Baked potatoes, pasta, and fajitas can only go so far right??

I'm ready for something big.

After joking about how I was going to cook my way through Julia Child's cookbook
{obviously we just watched Julie & Julia}
my husband said why not cook through the
Robinson Family Cookbook


And so this is my project.

Starting this Sunday, January 31st, I will make my first dinner using the cookbook.
I plan on working my way through the whole cookbook {208 recipes} by the end of the year.

That is:
appetizers, drinks, breads, soups, salads, side dishes, main dishes and desserts
all tried by December 31, 2010

I figure this is a good way to start before I host my own show on the Food Network.

They are simple {and seem budget friendly} enough that a small, unexperienced girl like myself can achieve it.
And I will achieve it.

Please cheer me on.


Jed and Aubrey said...

Oh my gosh. you have no idea! we just watched this movie last night, and I was totally thinking about doing this-- at some point. I will need to work up the courage--im not there yet!

I will definitely be reading your every entry, and maybe even trying a few of the recipes myself.

Thanks for being a real go getter!

p.s. you should get one of those counters like Julie had-- that says how many days and recipes to go :) [just an idea]

i'll be rooting for you!

pps. if you EVER need anyone to share the food with, I would love to share it with you!

Jenny said...

Awesome! I'm sure you'll do great. Can't wait to hear about your adventures! (I'm getting hungry already...)


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