New Direction

What started out as my goal to get through the “Robinson Family Cookbook” has now faced reality.

Though I am proud to say I have managed to get through almost all the Main Dish recipes in the cookbook, I am now left with a little under 2 months til the year is over and I still have 6 different chocolate cookies recipes, salad dressing  mixes and a play-doh concoction left.

So, I decided that was okay.

[Though am ashamed look like I’m backing away from my goal.]


My real purpose was to learn different meals to make for my growing family.

And I feel I have accomplished that even if I didn’t make play-doh.

In fact, I could say I went beyond my original goal. I looked up and mastered many other recipes outside of the “Robinson Family Cookbook” which have been deemed successes by my husband.

And so I decided this blog needed a new direction.

“Robinson Family Cookbook” now doesn’t mean the previous generations book of recipes anymore. It is now, “MY Robinson Family Cookbook.” As in me and Adam’s little family.

And so. I will take recipes and create my own compilation of yummy foods that I can incorporate into my family’s daily meals.

I hope you continue to follow. Because I got some good stuff in store.

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